Aynur Begutov
Aynur Begutov is thehonored artist of the Tatarstan Republic and the Dagestan Republic, winner of international competitions in Russia, China, Australia, Israel, Ukraine and a performer on classical guitar, Russian seven-string guitar and renaissance lute. In 2000 Aynur entered the Zhiganov Kazan State Conservatory (prof. Vitali Kharisov’s class). Upon graduating the Conservatory in 2005 he became a trainee at the Gnesin Russian Music Academy (prof. Nikolay Komoljatov’s class), which he successfully graduated in 2007. In September 2010 he has finished post graduate studies at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (prof. Antigoni Goni’s class). Also he has passed theoretical and practical course on the Renaissance lute (prof. Dirk De Hertog’s class). 

The creative portrait of the musician consists an outstanding technical skill, reverent attitude to sound, inspired insights into the artistic essence of the performed work. The performer is characterized by depth and accuracy of interpretation as well as has the widest repertoire, which includes works by composers of different eras and styles - from lute music of Renaissance to compositions written in our time.

Aynur is one of the brightest representatives of the guitar school in Russia. He belongs to the musicians of the new modern format, who successfully combines musical and performing components, social managerial activities with high achievements in pedagogy. Begutov is one of the first ones to declare the Russian seven-string guitar as a full-fledged concert instrument both in Russian and abroad. His collaboration with well-known composers such as S.Rudnev, K.Vasiliev, V.Kharisov, E.Galimova, S.Kravchuk has brought a new modern repertoire to Russian seven-string guitar.

Aynur cooperates with quite a few of teams: State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia “Evgeny Svetlanov", the Tambov State Philharmonics symphonic orchestra, the Republic of Tatarstan State Philharmonic symphonic orchestra, the Zhukovsky symphonic Orchestra, Sochi municipal symphonic orchestra, Chamber orchestra «La Primavera», Moscow Chamber orchestra «Musica Viva», State Philharmonics Chamber orchestra of Republic Dagestan, the Republic of Tatarstan State Philharmonic orchestra of national instruments, National Concert Orchestra of Yakutia and many others. 
Today the name of Begutov is known all over the world for his successful projects: International Festival “Classical Guitar in the 21st Century”, “International Competition named after Sergei Orekhov”, International Online Festival “Russian Guitar Heritage”.

The musician actively tours as a solo-guitarist in different countries such as USA, Australia, China, South Korea, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Luxemburg, Slovenia, Germany, Ukraine and Belarus. Aynur Begutov is currently a professor at the Kazan State Conservatory named after N.G.Zhiganov and the Kazan Music College named after I.V.Auhadeev. 

He has also recorded five solo albums: Guitar Recital, Russian Fantasy, Guitar Encore (Art-Service, Moscow), Evolution (Vision Fugitive, France), The link of times (Brilliant Classic, Nederland) which widely received well-deserved recognition of his talent.